Our consultants and coaches work directly with individuals and teams to help them prepare, perform, and debrief negotiations, meetings, and difficult conversations of all kinds. Our core objectives when consulting are to:

  • Provide specific concrete advice tailored to the clients immediate needs;
  • Reinforce or introduce concepts, tools, and learning from our workshops, as applicable;
  • Increase client awareness of styles, processes, and tactics associated with challenging negotiation and communication situations;
  • Give clients opportunities to assess and improve their conflict management skills; and
  • Help clients connect their learning to their professional and personal lives.

Bring our world-class experts into your organization. Consultants and coaches can be booked for group sessions, one-on-one sessions, and on-call status. We can also work with individuals on an hourly basis outside of the organization space. On the phone, at client homes, in restaurantsanywhere convenient and conducive to learning.