Team Diagnostics

Many of our clients have engaged Insight's consultants to review internal working dynamics and help create actionable plans that promote collaboration, efficiency and success among teams.

Case Study
After a period of sustained poor performance, a prominent NYC-based asset management fund with $2 billion under management engaged Insight Partners to conduct team diagnostics and problem-solving. The client was able to determine that its struggles were based more on problematic group dynamics than deficient asset management skills; they then looked to Insight Partners to make a deeper diagnosis and provide recommendations to eliminate factors contributing to the groupÕs performance shortcomings.

Insight gathered information by meeting individually with each member of the investment team, from analyst to portfolio manager. After analyzing the data collected from these interviews, Insight prepared a comprehensive report, summarizing our findings and making a series of recommendations. Insight and senior management worked together to develop an actionable plan. As a final step, Insight facilitated a group-wide launch meeting to report back our findings to the rest of the team and introduce the new initiatives.