Ericka B. Gray

Ericka B. Gray has been a dispute resolver and trainer since 1985. She is President and Founder of DisputEd, has served as Executive Director of two court-annexed dispute resolution programs and was the Director of Professional Services and Regional Training Coordinator for JAMS/Endispute’s Boston Office. Ms. Gray has extensive experience in training corporations, organizations, courts, lawyers, human resource professionals, and others in all areas of negotiation and conflict resolution. She specializes in workplace and interpersonal issues, focusing on the areas of employment, sexual harassment, discrimination disputes and workplace conflict. Ms. Gray’s mediation practice includes all civil and commercial areas, including employment, contract, business dissolution, personal injury, environmental, health care, education and family issues. She is on the mediation panels of the National Association of Securities Dealers, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U.S. Department of Justice’s ADA Mediation Program and many others. Ms. Gray has taught mediation at Boston College Law School since 1992, and is on the faculty of Suffolk University School of Law. She has provided training and teaching services to such clients as the Harvard Law School, Polaroid Corporation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Massachusetts General Hospital, Marriot International and the National Academy of Arbitrators. Ms. Gray is the former Executive Director of the Academy of Family Mediators, and previously practiced as a psychologist specializing in marriage and family issues.