Effective Communication Skills


Increase awareness of the role and importance of communication in our lives. Communication fuels business. Ineffective communication leads to increased errors, missed opportunities, reduced productivity, lower retention levels, and general employee dissatisfaction. Improved communication begins with awareness of common patterns and ways to work through them.

Introduce a systematic framework for making sense of effective communication. Effective communication is both an art and a science. To be studied, it needs to be understood. To be understood, it needs to be broken down. Over the course of the workshop, we break communication down into internal and external skills.

Develop skills to improve communication in a range of situations. Increased awareness and a framework for making sense of effective communication are of little benefit if we cannot translate the insights into skills. Throughout the workshop, we work on skills through exercises, case studies, client specific scenarios, and personal cases. The goal is to arm participants with increased confidence in their ability to improve their communication skills in both routine and challenging situations.

Help participants connect their learning to their professional and personal challenges going forward. We will leave them with insights on how to apply theory and skills in practice by integrating real examples from the participants' world and encouraging the development of personal learning plans.