Negotiation and Influencing Skills. Our negotiation programs introduce a systematic framework for thinking about how people influence each other. Instructors break down the negotiation process into seven basic elements that are then used to help participants systematically prepare for, conduct and measure success in negotiation. The program culminates in customized, interactive case studies that give participants the opportunity to practice their skills within contexts meaningful to them.

Effective Communication Skills. In our Effective Communication Workshops participants will improve their ability to handle the conversations that they find most difficult. The instructors introduce systematic tools for understanding where communication typically goes wrong and for categorizing different communication styles. Participants will consider their own styles and work on techniques for handling those of others. Insight also offers industry-specific coursework designed to prepare participants for difficult conversations likely to occur as a result of the current down market.

Strategic Relationship Management Skills. These workshops provide a structured overview of how to manage relationships of strategic importance. In light of current economic factors, opportunities to optimize key client relationships and to collaborate with colleagues across functions should not be overlooked. At the heart of this programming is the premise that increased productivity and profitability are directly tied to an ability to improve and develop relationships. Our workshops introduce multiple relationship management tools and apply them to the most challenging situations that our participants face.

Conflict Management Skills. In this workshop conflict is defined and the costs and benefits of conflict are examined. This course emphasizes the development of "third perspective" skills to improve negotiation, communication, and mediation skills.