Negotiation and Influencing Skills


Increase participant awareness of the pervasiveness of negotiation in their lives. We define negotiation as any situation where one person tries to influence another, whether inside a company, with outside companies, or in their personal lives. Busy people negotiate all the time, both professionally and personally, and even informal efforts to influence others can improve dramatically when viewed as "negotiations".

Increase participant awareness of styles, processes, and tactics associated with challenging negotiation and communication situations. There are patterns to successful and unsuccessful negotiation and communication. These patterns have to do with how we think about and how we conduct negotiations. Learning to recognize them is an essential ingredient to improved results.

Introduce a systematic framework for thinking about and conducting negotiations. Through concepts, tools, and technology, we intend to help participants break down the negotiation process into a series of elements. These elements can then be used to help us systematically prepare for, conduct, and measure success in negotiations.

Give participants opportunities to assess and improve their skills. Increased awareness and a systematic framework are most valuable when tied directly to practical skill building. Using role-plays and group exercises, we challenge participants to examine their assumptions and strengthen their skills as negotiators.

Help participants connect their learning to their professional and personal challenges going forward. We hope to leave them with insights on how to apply theory and skills in practice by integrating real examples from the participants world and encouraging the development of personal learning plans.

Sample syllabi and detailed course descriptions are available upon request.
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