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The Insight Fellowship Program helps exceptional individuals develop their own conflict management skills by working within local or international non-profits of their choice.

Each year-long Fellowship begins with a period of training and development before the fellow begins three global placements through which they share the best in conflict management theory and skills.

The community of Insight Fellows has made invaluable contributions to non-profits and the people they serve in almost 40 countries, including working with communities affected by some of the world’s most violent conflicts.

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Insight Fellows gain formative skills and experiences, while helping organizations across the globe work more effectively:

Kartik Madiraju
The Insight Fellowship was unique in the way it gave me the freedom to pursue my interests while gaining the skills and experience I needed to grow.
Elise Willer
The Fellowship has been a fantastic springboard into a career in conflict management.

Carl Conradi
The workshop proved so successful that my co-facilitator has continued to run it with hundreds more women and young people across the region in the years since.

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One of the unexpected benefits of this summer has been, hands down, the community of people within which I find myself.

My activities these past four weeks fit mainly in two categories. The first is a continuation from the month of June learning content…

Every morning on my way to the office, I pass this sign. “Entering Concord”, it reads, and every morning I am reminded that this is real.

Stories from Palau

I have had enough time in Palau to gain a basic understanding of the nation, its history and the quirks of daily life.

Looking ahead

At an address to the Class of 2009, Harvard University President Drew G. Faust cited a passage from Joan Didion’s…

Hargeysa, Somaliland

Welcome to Somalia: the world’s most comprehensively collapsed state! Though this assertion by the International Crisis Group…

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