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founders’ story

We’ve evolved from conflict management specialists to a boutique leadership advisory firm.

We built our reputation as conflict management consultants, drawing on negotiation and mediation training from Harvard to help our clients approach difficult conversations, strengthen critical relationships and resolve high-stakes financial, political and commercial disputes around the world.

As our practice grew, we found that we could have an even greater impact using the same approach to build stronger and more effective relationships across top teams.

Instead of just helping clients manage disputes, we could prevent them, and create an environment for individuals and organizations to thrive.

Adjunct teaching at Harvard and other institutions allows us to absorb and influence current academic thinking, and through Insight Partners – and our non-profit arm, Insight Collaborative – we apply that thinking to real-life challenges from resolving conflict to reshaping culture.

Meet The partners

Every problem has a solution; you just need the time and the right approach to find it.

Patrick McWhinney
Co-Founder and CEO

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from Patrick
I really admire leaders who can get curious in the toughest moments.

David Seibel
Co-Founder and President

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from David
We fill the role of trusted advisor, providing clients with insight they don’t get anywhere else.

Dan Green

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Insight Collaborative Online

Through our non-profit sister organization, we share the same insights and skills with underserved groups around the world.